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Our Lenses

AccuLab of Illinois is your one-stop destination for top-quality, 100% digitally surfaced progressive lenses.

We take immense pride in offering you a range of progressives selected by our experts for their unparalleled performance & precision, while still honoring our independent ethos.

With not 1, not 2, but THREE different brand options to choose from, AccuLab ensures that you find the perfect lens that meets your unique needs.

Looking for a premium house brand lens? Introducing "Montanel", AccuLab's house brand lens line made with OptoTech (Germany) technology.

Say goodbye to the limitations of big-box lenses from corporate labs, as our Montanel lenses are designed to compete with and even outperform them for a fraction of the cost.


We also specialize in IOT (Spain) and Seiko (Japan) lenses.

These are 2 of the most respected & advanced alternative lens brands on the market today.

AccuLab is dedicated to providing wholesale optical lenses that prioritize the vision & comfort of your patients. When you partner with AccuLab, you can be confident that you are offering the absolute best in the optical industry without sacrificing profit. Choose AccuLab for progressives that exceed expectations & elevate your practice to new heights of success!

Click name to see the Progressive lens options offered in each category.

Montanel is AccuLab of Illinois' premium house brand progressive lens line made with OptoTech technologies.

Premium Personalized Design with the Highest Resolution - The Rondel is AccuLab's best, compensated, all-purpose progressive. The OptoTech design is further progress for the benefit of our customers. This design was invented with a higher resolution that allows an easy adaptation for every patient due to a lower aberration than available in previous designs.

Custom-Made Performance for Everyday Life - The KBar is AccuLab's standard, non-compensated, value-priced, all-purpose progressive. Modern life requires our eyes to go in and out of the digital world. Therefore, we've designed a multifocal lens which is customized for today's lifestyle. Offering wide visual fields in all areas & a comfortable transition between near & far vision. KBar maintains your natural field of view whether you're looking at digital information or just living your best life.

Soft Design for an Incredible Open View - AccuLab's Stiletto is our indoor progressive lens with an emphasis on reading. The Stiletto's design has a flexible inset to adjust the reading zone offers better vision quality, especially for hyperopia. Soft doesn't necessarily mean a larger reading zone, but a softer, less-noticeable, peripheral cylinder aberration.

The Premium Entry & Drive Design - AccuLab's Lance progressive lens design was developed to increase the visual zones while concentrating any unwanted astigmatism into smaller areas of the lens surface. The inset can also be used as a variable for reading. This is necessary for the two converging eyes to meet in the near vision zone. This also depends on dioptric power.


Personalized free-form progressive lenses with IOT technologies.

Camber Steady

Camber Steady Plus Progressive - Personalized free-form progressive lenses complete with AccuLab's inhouse anti-reflective coating. Designed with the most revolutionary IOT technologies. We live in a dynamic and ever-changing society. Our lives are fast paced, and the digital age is here to stay. Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses adapt to the demands of modern life. Their technology meets the visual needs of the most active presbyopes, who demand clear and stable vision, even when they’re engaged in highly dynamic activities. Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses can be personalized for each wearer. Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses incorporate IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, and Steady Plus Methodology. With this technology, the swim effect is significantly reduced. The optics and aesthetics of Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are impossible to beat. Our "Atlantis Series" AR is added at no extra charge to fully enhance the IOT lens design.

Endless Steady

Endless Steady Progressive - Personalized free-form progressive lens with an advanced design. Provides impeccable visual quality. One of the main advantages of free-form technology is it allows for the complete customization of lenses for each wearer. There are many personalized lenses on the market. They all seek to improve visual quality through customization. Endless Steady Progressive lenses are different. Endless Steady Progressive lenses revolutionize the current concept of personalization to incorporating IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology. Endless Steady Progressive lenses are more sophisticated and effective than a traditional personalized lens because the optimization process also considers the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus at different distances. Endless Steady Progressive lenses also incorporate Steady Methodology to drastically reduce swim effect caused by lateral image distortion. A free-form progressive lens that adapts to every lifestyle. Wide viewing range at any distance.

Essential Steady

Essential Steady Progressive - Free-form progressive lens. High wearer satisfaction in an entry level technology. A great product portfolio meets all market needs and helps create differentiation. IOT offers a non-personalized lens that is entirely different than any other in its market segment. Essential Steady Progressive lenses incorporate Steady Methodology to enhance image stability and reduce swim effect. Alternative design configurations are available for specific visual needs or lifestyles.

Endless Office

Endless Office Occupational - Personalized free-form lens for maximum performance in intermediate and near zones. With the emergence of remote work, more and more presbyopic professionals (i.e. teachers, programmers, architects) spend a large part of the day using their intermediate and near vision. As optical professionals, it is our duty to offer them comfortable lenses that meet their visual needs. Single vision lenses correct for one point in the distance, and progressive lenses have limited intermediate viewing areas. Endless Office Occupational lenses adjust to wearers’ needs and offer unmatched near and intermediate vision. These lenses incorporate IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 calculation technology, making them fully customizable and reducing oblique aberrations to further expand the wearer´s visual range. An occupational lens with a wider near and intermediate vision range. 


Endless Anti-fatigue Single Vision - Personalized anti-fatigue free-form single vision lens with an advanced design. We spend an average of 11 hours per day in front of a screen, and time viewing digital devices is on the rise. The result: eyestrain. Symptoms include blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Endless Anti-fatigue Single Vision lenses are designed to alleviate the symptoms of eyestrain associated with the use of electronic devices. They incorporate a small increase in near power that can be customized for each patient. In a recent wearer trial 100% of participants said they felt very comfortable wearing Endless Anti-fatigue Single Vision lenses. Endless Anti-fatigue Single Vision lenses incorporate IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology. The lens optimization process considers the wearer’s accommodative ability and their capacity to focus on objects at different distances. This provides a level of customization that is more effective and sophisticated than other personalized free-from lenses.

Endless Drive

Endless Drive Progressive - A premium quality progressive lens for day or night driving.
A standard progressive lens may be uncomfortable for driving. Perhaps the visual field is insufficient, or peripheral vision is limited. At night, the lack of light complicates matters, increasing hazards and causing fatigue. In addition, one out of three wearers experience night myopia, considerably reducing their ability to focus on distant objects. Endless Drive Progressive is a unique customized lens. Its power distribution is specifically adapted for driving. Its night vision zone compensates for the difference in refractive error that occurs between day and night. It provides greater visual acuity and reduces eyestrain. By incorporating IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, the lens optimization process takes into account the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus on different distances. The level of customization is therefore much more sophisticated and effective than previous methods. 97% of wearers who have used Endless Drive Progressive lenses have felt much more comfortable driving both during the day and at night. Endless Drive Progressive lenses can be recommended for general use.


Personalized free-form progressive lenses with Seiko technologies.


Seiko Superior progressive lenses are the best choice for all wearers, all add powers and difficult Rx’s. The most customized lens for all lifestyles — 3 design options, 11 corridors, 51 insets. Variable inset based on reading distance, corridor length, pantoscopic tilt, PD and RX. Advanced Aspheric Compensation improves clarity and visual comfort. Multi-polar Astigmatic correction improves panoramic vision and image stability. Large variety of materials, coatings, polarized and Transitions® lenses.


Seiko Surmount - Soft design with wide stable vision for active lifestyle wearers &
Seiko Surmount WS - Hard design for wider viewing zones. Convex curve on concave lens surface for slimmer plus prescription lens profiles. Ideal for difficult prescriptions with high sphere, cylinder, adds, and or prism. Variable inset based on distance Rx, PD, and customized near reading distance. As-Worn technology allows for fully compensated measured power throughout.


Seiko Supernal is a better choice for all wearers, all add powers and difficult Rx’s. Designed using the new 3D Virtual Reality System for realistic simulation evaluation. Non-linear progressive power change increases clear vision around the fitting point by 50%. Automatic semi-variable inset based on total Rx. Advanced Aspheric Compensation improves clarity and visual comfort. Multi-polar Astigmatic correction improves panoramic vision and image stability. Large variety of materials, coatings and Transitions® lenses

Supercede II

Supercede II is a Universal blended design that provides wide distance and extra wide reading area. Advanced aspheric compensation in the intermediate and near zones. Measured power creates the best vision in the as-worn position. Three corridor lengths: 10/12/14mm, Minimum fitting heights: 14/16/18mm. Large variety of materials in clear, polarized and Transitions® lenses. Made in the USA.

The Sabre is Seiko's partially compensated progressive lens.


The Katara is Seiko's minimal compensation progressive lens.

The CrossBow is Seiko's progressive lens for a Wrap frame.

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