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Private pay optical lenses
  • Why Choose AccuLab?
    Quite simply, we have state-of-the-art tech, and state-of-the-art people. We're also incredibly fast! We average out a 1.3 day turnaround time! Plus, the prices for our wholesale optical lenses are hard to beat! We want to help take your business to the next level for you and your private pay patients. We don't sacrifice quality over quantity, and we want to make sure your patients are getting the best vision possible, at a profitable price to you and your business. Contact us today! We'd love to start a partnership together!
  • Can branded lenses be switched out with non-branded lenses?
    Of course! All of our non-branded wholesale optical lenses are compatible with these branded lenses Our Camber Steady is compatible with, Eyeon's 500 series Rodenstock's Impression Shamir's Autograph III Hoya's Hoyalux ID Lifestyle/2 Varilux's Physio Enhanced Fit/W3+ Fit and Varilux S Fit VSP's UNITY PLxpression Our Rondel is compatible with, Shamir's Autograph II, and InTouch Hoya's Hoyalux Summit ECP/CD IQ Array Varilux's Comfort W2+, and Varilux S VSP's UNITY PLxtreme, and UNITY PLxtra/Mobile Our KBar is compatible with, Eyeon's 300 Series Rodenstock's Multigressiv Shamir's Spectrum Element Hoya's Hoyalux Summit ECP Essilor's Definity Varilux's Comfort 2 DRx/Enhanced/W2+, and Physio/DRx VSP's UNITY PLx/Mobile If you do not see your lens on this list, that doesn't mean it's not possible to make the switch with the lenses you have. We're firm believers that any branded lens can be replaced with non-branded. Give us a call! We'd be happy to help you find a compatible lens option that best fits your needs!
  • Are your wholesale optical lenses warrantied?
    Yes they are! Depending on which of our price books our clients choose, we offer the following warranties: Factory Scratch Resistance warranty: All of our factory scratch coatings are warranted against scratches for a period of 1-year from the original manufacture date. This includes scratching and anti-reflective coating failures. (We do not cover dog bites, intentional or excessive abuse, or manufacturing or adjustment damage.) Progressive Non-adapt warranty: All of our non-adapt progressives have a 90-day patient non-adaptation guarantee. For a period of 90 days from the date of manufacture, lenses must be returned to us, and new lenses will be made one time at no charge. Dr. Rx Change: A doctor Rx change made within 90 days of the original manufacture date of the original job will be honored in full (minus a $15 processing fee). Steps to correct an issue: 1. Submit a remake order through RxWizard. 2. Clearly input the warranty need and original invoice in the service description. 3. Return lenses to improve our process.
  • Can AccuLab email me a shipping label?
    We provide a login ID and password for all of our clients to have access to their own shipping labels available through the UPS portal. Because of this availability, we do not provide shipping labels through email.
  • RxWizard isn't allowing me to submit an order. Can I send a hard copy to AccuLab for manual entry?
    We highly advise against this option. We charge for manual entries, and don't want to do that to you! If you are having trouble submitting a job through RxWizard, please refer to the DVI RxWizard section of the FAQ's, or call us at 800-688-3904. We will be happy to help!
  • I received a job back and it looks like something's up with the lenses. What do I do?
    Though we never anticipate it, things can happen on occasion. Always send the lenses back. We will be happy to take a look at them for you! Steps to have a lens remade: 1. Submit a remake order through RxWizard. 2. Make sure to specify in the 'Service Description' what is going on with the lenses. 3. Make sure that "REMAKE" is clearly inputted in the service description. 4. Return lenses to improve our process.
  • What is DVI RxWizard?
    DVI RxWizard is the digital portal that connects our clients to us here at AccuLab. It enables our clients to transmit jobs digitally. No need for written forms! To use, clients need only download the RxWizard (available through our 'OREDR' tab). Follow the instructions for set up. We will always provide instructions specific to the client when a partnership is established.
  • Does DVI RxWizard work with VisionWeb?
    Though DVI RxWizard is not associated with VisionWeb, it is able to work together with VisionWeb to transmit orders to us in the lab. However, remakes will need to be submitted differently than if RxWizard was downloaded and available for use. That may look like submitting a new order, and noting on the order, "REMAKE". With VisionWeb, orders submitted can take an undetermined amount of time to reach us on our end. Since we are not associated with VisionWeb, if there are any issues with ordering through VisionWeb, we cannot fully assist with transmission errors or issues.
  • How fast does AccuLab receive jobs once they are transmitted?
    We receive jobs 10 minutes after clients transmit them our way. If a client has any questions about a recently submitted job, and it's before the 10 minute mark, we will try to answer them as best we can, however, we will not be able to fully assist until the job has been fully transmitted.
  • My remake or second job won't transmit or shows an error in RxWizard. What do I do?
    Depending on the error, this is DVI's fail-safe against duplicate orders. It may recognize the second job or remake as a duplicate if the order is placed within a certian timeframe of the first order's completion and shipment. The best way around this is to put a number next to the patient's name. You may have to backspace a letter to allow a number to fit next to the patient name. (Example: "JOHN SMITH2") Next, try transmitting again. By putting a number next to the patient's name, this will help DVI recognize this as a new, non-duplicate order, and will allow you to transmit the order through to us. If this doesn't work, double check that all areas other than the ones you need filled are cleared out all the way. RxWizard can detect even a period, or an extra space as an "error" and halt transmitting the job because of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

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