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The Future Is Now at AccuLab: Unveiling the Omnilux® Natural Accommodation Lens (NAL®) - Revolutionizing Vision Care

Updated: Feb 27

By Jon J. Trutt

Published: 2/22/2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of vision care, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential to meet the needs of patients. That's why AccuLab of Illinois is proud to introduce the Omnilux® Natural Accommodation Lens into our extensive lens catalog. This groundbreaking lens transcends the limitations of traditional bifocals, trifocals, and progressives, providing a single vision viewing experience without compromise.

Traditionally, progressive lenses have been the go-to solution for correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness, offering a seamless transition between different viewing distances. However, these lenses are not without their drawbacks, including the notorious "swim effect," reduced peripheral vision, and a lengthy adaptation period for wearers.

Unlike bifocals or trifocals, which segment vision into distinct zones, the Omnilux® NAL® HD Digital lens seamlessly adjusts to the wearer's needs, providing clarity and comfort at all distances. Whether driving, reading, or working, wearers can enjoy uninterrupted vision without the need for multiple pairs of glasses or constant adjustments. It is designed for all-day wear, providing lasting comfort and visual acuity from morning to night. These lenses will simplify your optical wardrobe, offering a versatile solution for all your vision needs.

One of the standout features of the Omnilux® lens is its elimination of the swim effect that plagues traditional progressives, as the Omnilux® lens boasts a seamless and natural viewing experience. Patients can enjoy crisp, clear vision at all distances, without the distortion or discomfort often associated with progressive lenses.

Furthermore, the Omnilux® lens offers superior peripheral vision, allowing wearers to see more of their surroundings without the usual limitations. This expanded field of view not only enhances the visual experience but also improves safety and comfort in everyday activities.

The Omnilux® eliminates the need for a lengthy adaptation period. Unlike traditional progressives, which can take weeks for wearers to adjust to, it provides instant clarity and comfort from the moment it's worn. This feature alone makes it a game-changer for ECPs and patients who are seeking quick and effective relief.

What truly sets the Omnilux® Lens apart is that it simplifies the fitting process for eye care professionals, eliminating the need for precise fitting heights and complex adjustments. With its customizable design and intuitive fitting process, the Omnilux® streamlines the patient experience, allowing practitioners to deliver exceptional results with ease.

Eye care professionals should be excited about the prospect of offering the Omnilux® lens to their patients. Not only does it represent a significant advancement in vision correction technology, but it also opens up new opportunities for enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty. By providing a solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional progressives, eye care professionals can differentiate themselves in a competitive market and attract new patients seeking the latest innovations in vision care.

The Omnilux® Natural Accommodation Lens (NAL®) is a revolution in the world of eye care. By offering all the benefits of traditional progressives without the flaws, this innovative lens provides a superior solution for patients. Eye care professionals stand to benefit greatly from incorporating the Omnilux® into their practice, providing their patients with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled comfort. AccuLab of Illinois is honored to introduce this transformative product into our catalog, reaffirming our commitment to delivering the latest advancements in the optical industry to our valued customers. As the landscape of vision care continues to evolve, the Omnilux® lens shines bright as a beacon of innovation and progress.

Contact us at AccuLab today if you would like to incorporate the NAL® lens into your practice. 800-688-3904 or

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