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Special Lens Options

Wholesale Optical Lenses

Signature Generation 8 lenses are Transitions most advanced, fastest-darkening, & fastest fading lenses. Available in all colors.


DriveWear lenses are Transitions polarized sun lenses that adapt to light behind the wheel & outdoors to reduce glare while staying active.


XTRActive Polar lenses are Transitions polarized sun lenses that adapt to light while driving, being outdoors, & do not activate while indoors.


XTRActive New Generation lenses deliver the best extra darkness & best extra light protection from intense light.

New Generation

Polarized lenses reduce glare on certain surfaces such as water or roads while you're going to work & enjoying a vacation with family and friends.


Photochromic lenses react to varying levels of light to darken or lighten the lens to allow for eye protection from harmful levels of light.


AccuLab special lens options provide your patients with glare reduction, fast-darkening & fading lenses, lenses for outdoors, driving, & light blocking protection.

AccuBlu provides state-of-the-art protection for harmful UVA, UVB, & High-Energy Blue Light (HEV) by absorbing up to 420nm.

AccuBlu: Blue
Light Protection

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