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Special Lens Options

Wholesale Optical Lenses

Experience the pinnacle of optical innovation with Signature Generation 8 lenses from Transitions—crafted as their most advanced lenses yet, boasting unparalleled speed in darkening and fading. Explore a spectrum of options across all colors.


Transitions Gen S

Drivewear lenses, the innovative polarized sun lenses by Transitions, seamlessly adjust to varying light conditions both on the road and outdoors. Engineered to minimize glare, these lenses offer optimal clarity and adaptability for active lifestyles.


Experience the versatility of XTRActive Polar lenses from Transitions—a polarized sun lens designed to effortlessly adjust to changing light conditions while driving and enjoying the outdoors. Plus, they remain inactive indoors, ensuring optimal clarity and comfort in any environment


Discover the pinnacle of light adaptability with XTRActive New Generation lenses, offering unparalleled darkness and exceptional protection against intense light. Experience the finest shielding against bright conditions, providing unmatched comfort and protection for your eyes.

New Generation

Polarized lenses effectively diminish glare from reflective surfaces like water or roads, enhancing your visual clarity whether you're commuting to work or reveling in leisurely moments on vacation with friends or family.

Polarized Lenses
AccuLab Polarized Colors.png

Polarized Lenses

nupolar colors.png

Photochromic lenses dynamically respond to changing light conditions by seamlessly adjusting their tint, providing optimal eye protection against harmful light levels. This adaptive technology ensures constant shielding while maintaining visual comfort throughout your day.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic Lenses

Discover the exceptional range of AccuLab's specialized lens options, delivering glare reduction, rapid darkening and fading capabilities, tailored lenses designed for outdoor activities, driving comfort, and effective light-blocking protection for your patients.

Discover AccuLab's comprehensive selection of mirror coatings for lenses, featuring a custom matching service that offers hundreds of color options to suit your unique preferences. Choose from an extensive range of colors and densities for mirrors and anti-reflective coatings. Our Flash mirrors have reflectivity below 25%, Solid mirrors fall between 25-50%, and High Reflect mirrors exceed 50%. For standard mirror options, we offer premium multilayer mirror and hydro coatings. In our high-reflect and special mirror collection, you'll find premium multilayer mirrors and advanced super hydro coatings for enhanced performance.


Mirror Lens Coatings

mirror lens color options

AccuLab is among the few remaining lens labs in the country that have access to glass lenses, a material renowned for its exceptional benefits. Glass offers unparalleled optical clarity and durability, ensuring excellent light transmission while minimizing distortions and aberrations. It is the preferred material for anti-reflective and mirror coatings, making it the perfect choice for prescription eyewear and high-end sunglasses.

Glass Lenses

Offers the most near-clear protection against blue-light emitted by digital devices and artificial light without distorting color. Filters harmful wavelengths known to be associated with digital eyestrain, headaches and sleeplessness. Proprietary treatment infused into the lens-not a coating that can scratch off or wear off.

BluTech® Lenses 

Experience the innovation of Patented Chemistrie Clips—a set of premium, ultra-thin lenses meticulously crafted to seamlessly affix to your glasses. These high-quality lenses effortlessly attach using discreet magnets, seamlessly integrating with your prescription lenses.

Chem Clips AccuLab

Chemistrie™ Clips

AccuBlu offers cutting-edge defense against harmful UVA, UVB, and High-Energy Blue Light (HEV) by efficiently absorbing wavelengths up to 420nm, ensuring comprehensive protection for your eyes. Combine with our Atlantis AR for best results.

AccuBlu: Blue
Light Protection

Try AccuLab's extensive range of tinted lens coating colors. We can tint any lens material, all done in-house. We can also produce gradient tints, double gradients, therapeutic, & dielectric coatings. If you need a custom tint, we can match demo lenses or images to your specifications. The distinct chemical composition of our tints ensures greater stability. The tint molecules seamlessly bond with the lens, integrating into its structure. As the lens cures during the tinting process, it also develops a more scratch-resistant surface.


AccuLab Tint Coat Options
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