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Acculab lenses


Since 2005

Your #1 Source For Eyeglass Lenses!

of Illinois


· 100% Digital Lab

· House Progressives

· Onsite AR Coating

· Frames

· Chemistrie Clips

· Custom Lens Mods

· Laser Engraving


· FREE Delivery

Proud Members of

Illinois Optometric Association

Opticians Association of America


Show-Me State Opticians Society

About Our Founder

Chris Brundies
AccuLab Founder, Owner, & CEO

I started my optical career in the Army in December, 1988. I continued to make lenses for the military for the next six and a half years. Shortly after leaving the service, I owned and operated a retail store which included a lab. In 2005, I decided that a wholesale lab is what fit me best and decided to start focusing my energy towards that. AccuLab started as a one man show 18 years ago, where I would work long hours doing everything - sales, maintenance, customer service, training, and producing lenses. Over the years, I've added staff and have built up an excellent team. This allows me to stay focused on the success of our lab. The excitement of all the advanced technological breakthroughs fascinates me and gives me the drive to continue in this market.

What We Do

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Design Premium Lenses

AccuLab's quality control department thoroughly inspects every lens before it leaves our facility. Backed by decades in the industry, you can trust us to get the job done right.

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 At A Profitable Price

We give the best value for your money. Our freeform lenses tend to run at lower or equal prices to conventional lenses.

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With Premium People

We believe in the value of human touch. That's why we have state-of-the-art people behind our state-of-the-art technology.

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At Cutting Edge Turnaround Times

We understand that delivering your orders quickly enhances the trust between the optician and the wearer. We strive to get out jobs as quick as possible without compromising quality.

"Your Success Is Our Vision"

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