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Acculab lenses


Since 2005

Your #1 Source For Eyeglass Lenses!

of Illinois

· 100% Digital Lab

· House Progressives

· Onsite AR Coating


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About Our Founder

Chris Brundies
AccuLab Founder, Owner, & CEO

Back in December 1988, my optical journey commenced within the ranks of the Army. Crafting lenses for the military became my forte for the following six and a half years. Upon bidding adieu to military life, I found myself steering the helm of a retail store, complete with its very own laboratory.
The year 2005 marked a significant turn as I embarked on a new trajectory—finding my niche in the realm of wholesale labs. With unwavering determination, I channeled all my energy into this new endeavor. AccuLab emerged as a one-person spectacle 19
 years ago, a time when my days were consumed by marathon work hours encompassing everything from sales and maintenance to customer service, training, and the delicate art of lens production.
time passed by, I expanded our ranks, gradually assembling an exceptional team. This collaborative effort has empowered me to singularly focus on nurturing the success of our lab.
The thrill of witnessing groundbreaking technological advancements within our industry has been nothing short of mesmerizing. These innovations fuel my passion and act as the driving force propelling AccuLab into the future.
Each chapter of this journey—from military precision to the bustling retail domain and now the dynamic world of wholesale labs—has fueled my enthusiasm, igniting an insatiable drive to continue thriving in this ever-evolving market.

What We Do

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Design Premium Lenses

AccuLab's quality control department thoroughly inspects every lens before it leaves our facility. Backed by decades in the industry, you can trust us to get the job done right.

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 At A Profitable Price

We give the best value for your money. Our freeform lenses tend to run at lower or equal prices to conventional lenses.

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With Premium People

We believe in the value of human touch. That's why we have state-of-the-art people behind our state-of-the-art technology.

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At Cutting Edge Turnaround Times

We understand that delivering your orders quickly enhances the trust between the optician and the wearer. We strive to get out jobs as quick as possible without compromising quality.

The Last Independent Surfacing Lab in Illinois

1 of Only 3 USA Lens Labs Owned by a Service Disabled Veteran

"Your Success Is Our Vision"

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