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Private pay optical lenses
  • Why Choose AccuLab?
    Simply put, AccuLab is dignified to be the last, truly independent lens lab in the State of Illinois. We proudly showcase cutting-edge technology, complemented by the exceptional expertise of our team. Our efficiency speaks for itself - boasting an impressive 1.3 day turnaround time. Moreover, our wholesale optical lens prices are unmatched, reflecting our commitment as a genuine small business, not a faceless corporate entity. We proudly stand among just three service-disabled, Veteran-owned optical labs in the nation. Our commitment is unwavering—we steer clear of the dominant monopoly's products, ensuring our complete independence. This empowers us to prioritize our clients' needs, making the most informed decisions tailored to their specific requests. When you join forces with AccuLab, you enter an exclusive circle of clientele, benefitting from our personalized attention. Our goal is to elevate your practice alongside your patients, prioritizing quality without compromising on quantity. Ensuring optimal vision for your patients while maintaining profitability for your business is our mission. Let's embark on a partnership that propels both our endeavors forward. Reach out to us today, and let's initiate a collaboration that promises mutual success! "Your Success Is Our Vision"
  • Can branded lenses be switched out with non-branded lenses?
    Absolutely! Our Montanel range of house brand optical lenses, and our alternative brands like IOT and Seiko, seamlessly complement these branded ones: Our Rondel & IOT Camber Steady Plus is compatible with: Unity® Via Elite II Hoyalux iDMyStyle 2 Hoyalux iD LifeStyle 3 Maui Jim Passport 2.0 Shamir Autograph III Shamir Autograph Intelligence Varilux X Fit Technology ZEISS SmartLife Individual Our IOT Endless Steady is compatible with: Unity Via Plus II/Mobile II/Wrap II Array 2 Kodak Unique DRO Shamir Autograph II+ Varilux Physio W3+ Varilux Physio W3+ Fit Varilux X Design Technology ZEISS SmartLife Superb/Plus/Pure Our IOT Essential Steady is compatible with: Unity Via II Hoyalux Summit Shamir Spectrum+ Varilux Comfort Max Varilux Physio DRx ZEISS Progressive Light V Our IOT Endless Anti-Fatigue is compatible with: Essilor Eyezen Our KBar is compatible with: Ethos® Plus Amplitude BKS Kodak Precise Shamir Element Varilux Comfort 2 Varilux Comfort Max ZEISS Progressive Light H If your specific lens isn't listed here, rest assured, it's still entirely feasible to transition using the lenses you currently possess. At our core, we strongly advocate for the interchangeability of branded and non-branded lenses. Reach out to us! We're eager to assist in discovering the ideal compatible lens that perfectly suits your requirements!
  • Are your wholesale optical lenses warrantied?
    Yes, indeed! Our commitment to our clients includes an array of warranties based on your price guide: Factory Scratch Resistance Warranty: Rest assured, all our factory scratch coatings are covered against scratches for a comprehensive 1-year period from the original manufacturing date. This encompasses protection against scratching and anti-reflective coating failures. Please note, exceptions include damages resulting from dog bites, intentional or excessive abuse, as well as any manufacturing or adjustment-related damage. Progressive Non-adapt Warranty: For our progressive lenses, we offer a 90-day patient non-adaptation guarantee. Within 90 days from the date of manufacture, should any issues arise, simply return the lenses to us. We'll craft new lenses once, free of charge. Dr. Rx Change: Any doctor-prescribed change made within 90 days of the original manufacturing date of the job will be fully honored, with only a nominal $15 processing fee. Steps to Address Any Issue: 1. Initiate a remake order through SpecCheck/RxWizard. 2. Clearly outline the warranty requirement and attach the original invoice in the service description. 3. Return the lenses to us to facilitate improvements in our processes.
  • Can AccuLab email me a shipping label?
    We furnish each of our clients with a unique login ID, granting them exclusive access to their personalized shipping labels accessible via the UPS portal. Furthermore, we ensure the inclusion of a return shipping label specifically for frames. Due to this convenient accessibility, we refrain from issuing shipping labels via email unless there is an issue with UPS.
  • I recently got my job back, but it seems like there might be an issue with the lenses. Any advice on what steps I should take?
    While unexpected, occasional occurrences may arise. Rest assured, sending back the lenses ensures our assistance in examining them for you! Here's how to proceed with having a lens remade: 1. Initiate a remake order via SpecCheck or RxWizard. 2. Be specific in the 'Service Description' about the lens issue. 3. Ensure that "REMAKE" is explicitly stated in the service description. 4. Return the lenses to enhance our operational efficiency.
  • What is SpecCheck?
    SpecCheck serves as the cutting-edge digital gateway linking our esteemed clients directly to AccuLab. This innovative ordering platform empowers clients to seamlessly submit their jobs digitally, eliminating the hassle of paper forms. SpecCheck also allows you to track orders, make payments, and communicate with AccuLab via chat. Utilizing SpecCheck is effortless for clients. Simply access the email sent by SpecCheck upon signing up with AccuLab and proceed to follow the provided instructions for setup. You can also sign up for your free account at Rest assured, upon establishing a partnership, we will furnish tailored instructions to each client, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience. SpecCheck also has a rewards program where ECPs earn a $15 Amazon gift card for every 45 jobs or more placed within a calendar month.
  • Ordering Portal isn't allowing me to submit an order. Can I send a hard copy to AccuLab for manual entry?
    We strongly discourage choosing this option as there are charges for manual entries, and we aim to spare you from incurring them! Should you encounter any difficulties while submitting a job through SpecCheck, RxWizard, or VisionWeb, we recommend reaching out to us directly at 800-688-3904 or Our team is more than willing to assist you!
  • What's the speed at which AccuLab processes incoming jobs after they've been transmitted?
    We promptly receive jobs within 10 minutes of clients sending them our way. If a client has any questions regarding a recently submitted job before the 10-minute mark, we'll do our best to provide initial assistance. Our comprehensive support will be available after the job has been fully transmitted.
  • Does DVI RxWizard work with VisionWeb?
    While DVI RxWizard operates independently from VisionWeb, it seamlessly collaborates with VisionWeb to facilitate order transmission to our lab. However, remakes will require a different submission process compared to having RxWizard downloaded and accessible for use. This might involve initiating a new order and explicitly marking it as a 'REMAKE.'
  • My remake or second job won't transmit or shows an error in RxWizard. What do I do?
    Dependent on the nature of the error, DVI has implemented a fail-safe mechanism to prevent duplicate orders. It might flag a second job or remake as a duplicate if placed within a specific timeframe after the completion and shipment of the initial order. One effective workaround involves adding a numerical value next to the patient's name. Occasionally, you might need to adjust the text layout by removing a letter to accommodate the addition of a number beside the patient's name (e.g., "JOHN SMITH2"). Upon making this adjustment, attempt transmitting the order again. This method assists DVI in recognizing the revised entry as a distinct, non-duplicate order, enabling a successful transmission to us. Should this approach not yield results, carefully ensure that all sections, excluding the necessary ones, are entirely clear. RxWizard meticulously identifies even minor discrepancies such as an extra space or a stray period, considering them as errors and causing transmission to halt.

Frequently Asked Questions

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