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About Us

AccuLab of Illinois Wholesale Optical Lenses
AccuLab Optical lens lab in Illinois

Are you interested in lens work from a non-Stressilor lab?

AccuLab of Illinois is a truly independent, veteran-owned, full-service, 100% digital Surfacing and Finishing eyeglass lens lab that takes pride in our autonomy.

We feel very strongly that independent doctor offices should make choices about lenses that are best for your customers. 

We utilize IOT, Seiko, and OptoTech lens designs. These lens platforms allow you options to fill your individual patient’s needs at a rate that leaves you flexibility in your pricing model.

Our ophthalmic laboratory has a fully automated surface line from Optotech, which is the newest equipment currently available. 

We have onsite Anti-Reflective coating, that can produce Poseidon (Green), Neptune (Blue) and Trident (Blue Blocker) AR. 

Our finish department is equipped with Santinelli tracers, blockers, and edgers with the ability to produce drill mount jobs, wraps, Chemistrie clips, and custom edging. 

Our current turn time is just under 3 days for complete jobs. Uncut work is 1-2 days dependent on lens style, stock, and AR. 

For offices with inhouse edgers, we offer access to our lens warehouse in Green Bay. This program allows you to choose finished stock at wholesale prices from thousands of vendors, all shipped to you next day. 

We offer frames from Modern Optical International, and safety frames from Hilco (OnGuard), PenTax (Seiko/Hoya), armouRx, and ArtCraft/Hudson Optical.

We can do single vision from -30 to +20, and lenticular lenses at nearly any power level.

Backed by our highly trained lab technicians, AccuLab delivers topnotch quality lenses, lightning-fast turnaround time, and a price that will put a smile on everyone's face!

Call us at 800-688-3904 or Email at

Check out our Social Media to stay up to date with what's happening!

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and provide affordable, quality lenses in a timely manner for the continued success of your business.

-12 cyl eyeglass lens from AccuLab Optical Lab in Illinois
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