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About Us

AccuLab Optical lens lab in Illinois

Discover Excellence in Lens Craftsmanship with AccuLab of Illinois

Welcome to AccuLab of Illinois, an independent, Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned eyeglass lens laboratory in DeKalb, IL committed to delivering exceptional lens solutions. Our lab stands apart as a beacon of autonomy, allowing us to prioritize what truly matters: the unique needs of your customers.

At AccuLab, we firmly believe that optometry practices should have the freedom to select lenses that perfectly suit their clientele. Our range of cutting-edge lens designs, including IOT, Seiko, and OptoTech, empowers you to tailor your offerings to each patient while maintaining flexibility in pricing.

Equipped with the latest advancements in technology, our ophthalmic laboratory boasts a 100% digital automated surface line from OptoTech, setting a new standard in precision and efficiency. These technologies help create our original Montanel progressive lens collection.


Dive into our exclusive 'Atlantis Series' Anti-Reflective coatings, all crafted in-house. Our offerings include: Poseidon (Green), Neptune (Blue), and Trident (Blue Blocker) AR, enhancing both aesthetics and function.

In our finishing department, state-of-the-art Santinelli tracers, blockers, and edgers enable us to craft everything from drill mount jobs to wraps, Chemistrie clips, and custom edging. With a rapid turnaround time of under 3 days for complete jobs, and 1-2 days for uncut work, we ensure that your patients receive their lenses promptly.

For practices with in-house edgers, our lens warehouse program opens doors to a world of finished stock options at wholesale prices, sourced from numerous vendors and delivered next day.

Our frame collection includes frames from respected names like Modern Optical International and Eight To Eighty Eyewear, as well as safety frames from Hilco (OnGuard), PenTax (Seiko/Hoya), ArmouRx, and ArtCraft/Hudson Optical.

No prescription is too challenging for us. From single vision lenses ranging from -30 to +20, to lenticular lenses across various power levels, our skilled lab technicians stand ready to deliver unparalleled quality.

Experience the AccuLab advantage: superior lenses, lightning-fast service, and a pricing structure that delights. Contact us at 800-688-3904 or reach out via email at

To begin placing orders, fill out our Welcome Form (here) and we will contact you to setup your account.

Connect with us through our dynamic Social Media channels to stay informed about the latest developments.

We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you, providing affordable, top-quality lenses promptly. Together, let's ensure the ongoing success of your business.

-12 cyl eyeglass lens from AccuLab Optical Lab in Illinois
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