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Lens Modifications

Discover Acculab's specialized custom designs crafted to enhance your lenses using cutting-edge digital equipment and state-of-the-art lens manufacturing software. No matter your patient's unique requirements, we have the expertise to create it! Reach out to us today to personalize your lenses!

Backside Lenticular
acculab backside lenticular.png

On high minus lenses, we create a bowl on the back surface, significantly reducing the edge thickness on very high minus

Slab Off
acculab slab off.png

Seamless slab offs on any conventional bifocal or conventional PAL

Spot Segs
acculab spot segs.png

Add a round seg on any existing bifocal to add an additional reading area - above or laterally - to the existing line of sight

Custom Adds
acculab custom adds.png

Create a higher add than available from manufacturer by creating a spot seg on the back surface behind an existing bifocal/trifocal, achieving up to a +12.00 add, depending on existing blanks

Aspheric Backside
acculab aspheric backside.png

Create an aspheric design on any lens, reducing magnification and thickness

Double Segs
acculab double segs.png

Often referred to as occupational multifocal lenses or by the nickname "Double-D," these are specifically crafted with an inverted flat-top segment in the upper third of the lens for near or intermediate vision, along with an additional flat-top segment in the bottom third dedicated to near vision. The central portion or middle of the bifocal lens is dedicated to distance viewing, offering a comprehensive solution for multiple visual needs. Customized for your patient.

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